How to level up your AGM with Diolog

For companies
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It’s that time of year again where the AGM is right around the corner.

How to level up your AGM with Diolog

For companies
min read

It’s that time of year again where the AGM is right around the corner.

It’s that time of year again where the AGM is right around the corner. As public companies gear up for one of the best opportunities for investor engagement in their annual calendar, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have the tools in place to manage investor queries, understand what investors are thinking and measure impact on share price pre- and post AGM. 

Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork, endless manual spreadsheets, and administrative headaches leading up to AGMs. We want to make AGM preparation less of a daunting task and more of a breeze. Diolog empowers companies to scale two-way communication with investors in a way that saves them time, enables visibility over key investor concerns and keeps investors happy. 

So whether you're a seasoned corporate secretary, an investor relations pro, or an executive keen on optimising your company's AGM preparation, read on.

[1] Preparation makes perfect

Now is a great time to review and update your ‘question registry’ (AKA question bible, investor FAQs, CEO study guide, question list etc..). Think of this as a centralised, collaborative space where all your past or potential investor questions and respective answers are stored.

A question registry will reduce extensive, manual email exchanges to draft and approve responses to investor questions, but will also save you time when (1) answering repeat questions, (2) briefing the executive team on key concerns and (3) preparing for live question time at the AGM. 

Diolog’s question registry is integrated with the question response workflow, meaning you can add questions to your registry with one click. Even better, if you ask investors to submit questions prior to the AGM via the Diolog app, you can prepare a robust question registry to ensure everything on the day goes smoothly.

Don’t have a question registry? Diolog has you covered and you can set it up for free.

[2] Nail your ‘quick response’ strategy

How do you plan to respond to investors in a way that addresses concerns or topics quickly whilst ensuring consistency and accuracy? One of the major barriers for investor confidence is access to information. Information accessibility can be hindered by technology, location, question response time and login requirements. 

As you near the AGM and anticipate increased investor engagement, it's crucial to minimise any obstacles to investor communication in order to strengthen your market presence. 

Here are a few steps you can take on Diolog to ensure you are proactively meeting investor demands and shortening the time it takes to find information.

  1. Collate a one-pager PDF covering the key concerns or topics being addressed at the AGM to pin at the top of your company profile. Providing investors with an “everything you need to know before the AGM” allows even the busiest of investors to get up to speed fast. 
  2. Set up and categorise FAQs on your Diolog company profile.
  3. Use your embedded question registry to respond to investors at the click of a button. 

[3] Putting faces to names 

We all know good communication is the key to all good relationships. What’s even more significant is that individuals tend to mistrust people or companies with whom they lack access or the ability to communicate. 

To instil trust in the individuals addressing the AGM, consider introducing a personal touch to your Diolog company profile by associating faces with names. On Diolog, you have the option to include the names and photographs of your executives, which will be visible to investors. This feature is specifically designed to provide investors with a quick glimpse of your top executives and key decision-makers. Diolog places great importance on this functionality, as it fosters the perception that investors are investing in individuals rather than just businesses or entities.

There is also the option to link to individual LinkedIn accounts for each executive. This is not required, however the option is there to help investors get to know the key personnel at the company. 

[4] For the AGM and beyond

They call it “AGM season” for a reason, a time where investors are inundated with multiple AGM invitations, event details, times, locations and agendas to juggle. 

To simplify this process for your investors, create a calendar event on Diolog complete with event information, date and location. This enables investors to seamlessly add the event into their own calendars. 

Ensuring your account is primed for effective two-way communication is essential for a successful AGM. 

Make your next AGM the most hassle-free one yet by taking advantage of Diolog’s suite of tools designed to enhance your investor communication and streamline AGM preparation. Level up your investor communication and AGM preparation with Diolog, get started for free today!

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