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Build better retail investor relationships

Use two-way communication to better understand the behaviours, interests, and sentiment of your shareholders.

Real shareholder communication data

Own the relationship with your investors and generate specific insights relevant to your shareholder base.

Understand your investors needs, behaviours and desires with Diolog
Communicate with the companies you invest in on Diolog, view announcements and share price.

Greater accessibility for investors

Show investors your company is listening by providing an open channel for incoming questions and easy access to information.

Time saving two-way investor communication 

Listen, engage and respond directly to investors outside AGMS and investor events. 

Scale two-way communication and save time when responding to investors

For investors - Download the mobile app

Communicate with the companies you invest or intend to invest in via the free Diolog mobile app.

Download the Diolog mobile app to engage with the companies you invest in