Turn investor concerns
into confidence.

Save up to 10 hours a week with Diolog's efficient and compliant way to manage investor communication.


Give investors an easier way to connect with the company outside AGMs or presentations.

Product demo image depicting the Diolog question dashboard.


Control the conversation by becoming a trusted source of information.

Product demo image depicting the announcement upload process and how it displays on the Diolog mobile app.


Always have your finger on the pulse and find out what keeps investors happy.

Product demo image depicting different forms of data tracked on the Diolog dashboard.


Reach current and potential investors anytime, anywhere, in the palm of their hand.

Product demo image depicting several pages of the Diolog mobile app: company profiles, company lists, announcements, question threads, and polls.

Find out what investors
actually want to see.

Always-on investor intelligence means you can finally have visibility over the behaviours, interests, and sentiment of your retail shareholders.

Proactively address investor concerns.
Prevent sell offs and understand where investor sentiment can be improved.

Product demo image depicting a question thread between an investor and an IR team member, as displayed on the Diolog web app.

Discover what resonates with your investors.
Build a long term sustainable engagement strategy that works for your company.

Product demo image depicting the 'Investor breakdown'. Of 3,599 total investors, 3011 are current investors.Product demo image depicting the 'Satisfaction score'. Of the 550 total investors, 500 are satisfied and 50 are not.Product demo image depicting a custom poll created by a company. The prompt is 'What additional information would you like to see from us?' with a spread of votes across '2024 forecast', 'From the leadership team', 'ESG initiatives', and AGM info'.

Plug-and-play integrations.
Create customisable, accessible touch points for investors wherever they might engage with the company.

Product demo image depicting an investor communication form that can be integrated as a custom form on external sites.

Gauge investor understanding.
Combine qualitative and quantitative insights to measure the impact and effectiveness of reporting materials.

A high-level breakdown of the Diolog question dashboard, highlighting question categories.

I can now easily grasp what the shareholders want and what they are thinking. Diolog has been an invaluable tool for us in managing shareholder questions and addressing investor concerns, especially during challenging periods.

Henry Chen

CFO, 99 Loyalty Technology

Demonstrate a commitment to transparency.

Offer a convenient, accessible touchpoint for any investor, removing barriers to engagement and information accessibility.

Announcement tile used in the Diolog platform, depicting CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Announcement tile used in Diolog platform, depicting an announcement from CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Announcement tile used in Diolog platform, depicting an announcement from CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Easily accessible shareholder communication.
Pin the important information you want investors to see first.

Chat thread used in Diolog platform, depicting a conversation between an investor and company.

Receive and reply in under a minute.
Interactive announcements and streamlined conversation flows means you can answer any question with ease.

Keep investors engaged.
Create a buzz with real-time notifications for announcements, events and polls.

Company profile used in Diolog platform, depicting the mobile profile of a generic company.
Stylised depiction of a poll used in the Diolog app.

Get investor's thoughts.
Create custom polls to get the info you need.

Every investor interaction
is a valuable asset.

Implement communication risk management protocols at scale with a new class of retail investor communication data.

Scalable question

Feature icon for 'Scalable question workflow'

Save up to 10 hours a month and coordinate consistent responses to investors.

Feature icon for 'ASX share price an announcements'

ASX share price and announcements

Free up with your bandwidth with automated ASX announcements and share price updates.

Feature icon for 'Question categories and filters'

Question categories
and filters

Organise investor enquiries and insights with custom categories and filtering.

Investor sentiment

Feature icon for 'Investor sentiment analytics'

Better understand shareholder sentiment when investors engage with the company.

Investor facing
company profile

Feature icon for 'Investor facing company profile'

Give investors a better way to connect outside AGMs, presentations or conferences.

Quick response

Feature icon for 'Quick response functionality'

Be known for timeliness of investors responses and assure investors you are listening.

Question registry
and templates

Feature icon for 'Question registry and templates'

Build out your question registry for communication risk management.

Event attachments
and analytics

Feature icon for 'Event attachments and analytics'

Maintain investor engagement by allowing them to easily add relevant dates to their calendar.

Unlimited team

Feature icon for 'Unlimited team members'

Coordinate with internal team members to promptly address investor inquiries.