Two-way communication with the companies you invest in

The world’s first two-way retail investor communication software.

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Get your questions answered and engage with the companies you invest in by downloading the Diolog mobile app


Have a question for the board?

Get the answers you’ve been looking for and feel confident in your investments all from the palm of your hand, for free!

Have your questions answered

Submit questions (text or voice) to the board without having to wait until the next AGM. Get a notification when it's answered.

Stay away from market gossip

Get information straight from the source. A direct line to and from the company.

No more navigating confusing websites or portals

Communicate and keep up to date with all the companies you invest in, in one place. Download company specific events to your calendar.

Get your information straight from the source with DiologDiolog mobile app screen showing a listed company response to an investor question. Company page

How to engage with companies

Don't let stage fright get in the way of communicating with the companies you invest in.

Two-way communication

Submit questions (text or voice) to board members without having to wait until the next AGM. 


Share how satisfied you are with the company’s response by giving a thumbs up… or a thumbs down.


Download investor-specific events or important dates to your calendar so you can stay on top of the information relevant to you.


Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Check out our help centre for more information or get in touch with our team.

Is Diolog free for investors?

Yes, Diolog is free for all investors. Simply download the free mobile application, add the companies you invest in and ask away!

Can I talk to other shareholders on Diolog?

No, Diolog is a direct two-way communication line between the investor and the listed company.

How do I download Diolog?

Diolog is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play store.

Do I have to invest in the company to communicate with them on Diolog?

No, when you add a company to your Diolog mobile application, you can indicate whether you are a current or potential shareholder. If your investor status changes, you can edit this in company details.